St Barth Excursions

General Terms & Conditions

1. Reservations

Reservations are recorded after full payment of the chosen service. Reservations must be made on our website or by returning a paper form, indicating the client's name, place of accommodation, telephone number and/or email, complete card details (if using the classic form) and the cardholder's signature and returned by email to The service will be cashed in full upon receipt of the completed form or by online payment on our website. A confirmation of reservation will be sent to you in return.

2. General cancellation/modification conditions

For any cancellation or modification of a reservation, fees will be applied according to the following conditions:

  • Cancellation/modification more than 72 hours before departure: Free.
  • From 72h to 24h before departure: a fixed sum will be retained on the amount already paid, as follows:
    • 250€ for a half day
    • 450€ for a full day
    • 150€ for a Sunset
    • 400€ for an afternoon + Sunset.

Please note that in case of no-show at boarding time or cancellation / modifications less than 24 hours before departure, no change or refund is possible.

All changes and cancellations must be sent by email to

3. Change of reservation date

Please refer to the general cancellation/modification conditions above (art. 2).

4. Meals served on board

For meals ordered with our company, prepared by an independent private chef, the service is included on board. Menus may vary depending on the chef's supplies. You can request special lunches such as: vegan, vegetarian, gluten free etc.
Please note that no meal on board can be ordered less than 48 hours before departure.

5. Weather conditions

Due to the changing weather conditions in St Barts, it is not possible to have a reliable forecast 4 days before departure. Consequently, if St Barth Excursions does not advise its clients of exceptional events that do not allow the cruise to take place, and this by email, clients are asked to present themselves at the embarkation dock in Gustavia at the time indicated.
The captain will decide whether or not to carry out the nautical service depending on the weather.
Less than 72 hours before departure, it must be specified, on various weather files, conditions of sustained winds of more than 30 knots or 100% cloud cover for the entire duration of the excursion on board. In this case only, St Barth Excrusions will propose to the client to postpone their cruise to a later date or to proceed to a refund if no later date is available.
For any other cancellation, please refer to article 2 above.

6. Cruise ship clients

St Barth Excursions can in no way be held responsible for the route of cruise ships scheduled to stop at St Barthélémy. Charters booked by cruise ship clients will only be cancelled and refunded in the event that the port of Gustavia is officially closed, or, refer to articles 2 and 5 above.

7. Illegal substances

No drugs or illegal substances will be tolerated on board our boats. In the event that this happens, the captain will immediately decide to return to the dock and disembark the clients without any possible refund.

8. Damage on board

For any incident or voluntary or involuntary degradation on board our boats, of an amount higher or equal to 300€, the sum will be invoiced to the customer the same day. A detailed invoice of the maintenance services carried out will be sent to the customer later on as soon as the work is done.



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