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The Captain...

Hello and welcome on board!
We offer cruises around Saint Barthélemy and its islands by the day, half day and sunset...
Our ship is equipped with top of the range equipment such as kayak, paddle board, snorkeling equipment, bluetooth sound system, etc. to make you spend an unforgettable moment on board during your stay on the island.

Renaud Nicot - Captain of Wayayaï  - Catamaran rental in St Barth

The open bar is included and snacks are also served on board.
Choose your itinerary upon boarding with the captain's advice and let yourself be lulled by a sail around the island, while tasting our homemade rum punch!

Renaud Nicot Saint-Barthélemy

A Captain's Story...

Captain Renaud was born and raised in Granville, a port town in the Mont-Saint-Michel Bay, where sailing conditions are the harshest. Winter and summer alike, Renaud has spent his time sailing, and has done so since he was a child (he says from his first months...).

After having tasted coastal sailing, Renaud turned to regattas at a very young age, which became his passion. He raced several times on a sailboat, before leaving home at 17 for new horizons: direction La Rochelle, the largest marina in Europe, where the maritime activity is in full swing. Renaud sails with several crews, amateurs and professionals, and wins 3 French and 1 European championship, among other victories...

He then pursued his dream and prepared a season of solo ocean racing on a Figaro 2, at the Pôle France voile in La Rochelle. After several races and training sessions on board, Renaud was forced to stop his season due to lack of financial means. He then decided to go back to school and obtained his captain's diploma in 2009. The new captain is now sailing in the Mediterranean Sea from east to west, the North Sea, the Channel Sea, the Bay of Biscay, the Straits of Gibraltar and Messina, and participates in several transatlantic races.

As soon as he arrived in the West Indies, Renaud was hired on big and beautiful sailing ships. He went on weekly private cruises, sailing all the Caribbean islands: from St Barth to the Grenadines, via Marie-Galante, the Saintes, B.V.I, etc. But also the Greater Antilles: Cuba, the Turks and Caicos Islands or the Bahamas. He will spend 1 year sailing there.

Since 2016, he is captain on the catamaran WAYAYAÏ in Saint-Barthélemy, for his pleasure and that of his clients.

His last offshore race was the Transat AG2R, in 2018, in Figaro 2, on the Cornouaille solidarité St Barth.



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